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Baby mattress covers, by BabeSafe, are becoming a staple for every family expecting a baby. The baby mattress covers, by BabeSafe, enclose baby mattresses, preventing mattress generated toxic nerve gases from permeating into the baby's breathing space.

"It's not about being better, zero-risk means just that. My objective is not to reduce the risk of cot death, but to totally eliminate it. So safer and better have no meaning in the life-and-death issue." Dr. TJ Sprott

Our goal is to spread the word about baby mattress covers, by BabeSafe, and we hope you join our campaign. Without your help other parents may not hear about this very important SIDS (also know as crib death) prevention device.


Research now shows that simple precautions can prevent crib death. Two scientists, Dr. TJ Sprott in New Zealand and Mr Barry Richardson in the United Kingdom, have proven that crib death is caused by gases generated by fungal activity on compounds of phosphorus, arsenic and/or antimony present in many baby mattresses and other items of baby bedding.


The solution is to wrap your baby's crib mattress with a strictly specified safe mattress cover which prevents the gases from reaching the baby; and to use on top the wrapped mattress specified bedding which is not capable of the gas generation concerned.

"Mattress-wrapping for crib death prevention" has been publicised nationwide in New Zealand for the past 10 years. During that time a very large number of New Zealand babies have slept on mattresses wrapped in specially formulated slip-on polyethylene co-polymer mattress covers. These baby mattress covers (which were designed by Dr Sprott and are called BabeSafe mattress covers) are now in use in a number of countries.

There has been no reported crib death – anywhere in the world - on any mattress wrapped in accordance with Dr Sprott's mattress-wrapping specifications.

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BabeSafe slip-on baby mattress covers are made of high grade 125 micron internally plasticised polyethylene. The Mattress Covers are available in seven sizes displayed below as Length x Width x Thickness. Girth is the distance around the width of the mattress

BabeSafe Size Selection Guidance;

Choose the slip-on mattress cover that gives you some flexibility. It may not be a perfect fit. Think of it as a large pillow case (mattress cover) covering a pillow (mattress). For example:( ” signifies inches ) dimension of 49” in length, 27” in width and 6” in thickness (height) , Size F should provide enough length, width, and height to fit the mattress. Any excess is placed and taped under the mattress.

BabeSafe Available Sizes:
  1. Size A Max. length: (35") Max. girth*: (37") For bassinets/cradles
  2. Size B 47" x 23" x 3" Accommodates British cot mattresses.
  3. Size C 47" x 23" x 5" Pak-n-Plays/Accommodates many USA co-sleeper mattresses.
  4. Size D 47" x 23" x 7" Accommodates British cot mattresses.
  5. Size E 52" x 26" x 5" Accommodates some USA crib mattresses.
  6. Size F 52" x 26" x 7" For USA Crib Mattresses.
  7. Size P Max. length: (45") Max. girth*: (60") Accommodates many portable cot/crib mattresses and some co-sleeper mattresses. Girth is the distance around the width of the mattress.

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If you are unsure which baby mattress covers, by BabeSafe, size you need, e-mail the three mattress dimensions (length, width and thickness) to

BabeSafe Cleaning Instructions

Do not remove the BabeSafe mattress cover from the mattress for cleaning. To clean the cover, wipe it with bar soap and warm water, and then dry with a towel. Do not use chemical bleaches or sterilants to clean a baby mattress covers, by BabeSafe.


10 Steps to BabeSafe Wrapping
  1. Remove all Bedding from the Crib.
  2. The Printed Side of the Mattress Cover faces the Floor.
  3. With the Yellow Strip facing Up, Slide the Mattress inside the Cover.
  4. Slide the Cover Down the Mattress.
  5. Fold Over the End, Tucking in the Corners.
  6. Pull Off the Yellow Strip to Seal the End of the Mattress Cover.
  7. Snugly Fold Over the End and Seal the Adhesive Strip.
  8. If there is excess material, then tape the item into position using strong wide adhesive tape (such as 3M Scotch Super Clear tape, 2"/50mm wide).
  9. The BabeSafe Mattress is now ready to be placed in the Crib.
  10. The vent hole/s in the cover should be located at the Bottom of the Wrapped Mattress to allow for ventilation of the mattress.

Cribs/Bassinets/Play Yards with a solid baseboard and no ventilation for the BabeSafe covered mattress to breathe, you should do either of the following:

(a) Drill hole/s in the baseboard corresponding to the position of the hole/s on the underside of the BabeSafe cover; or alternatively

(b) Raise the BabeSafe-wrapped mattress slightly by placing a longish thin item across the baseboard. For this purpose you can use (say) a long pencil, or a thin piece of wood, or a piece of thick string or thin rope. (Of course, the item must not be capable of puncturing the BabeSafe cover.) Place the item across the wrapped mattress from one side to the other so that the ventilation hole/s are slightly elevated. Then tape the item into position using strong wide adhesive tape (such as 3M Scotch Super Clear tape, 2"/50mm wide).

The raising of the wrapped mattress slightly above the baseboard will permit ventilation of the mattress, and it will have no effect on the baby's sleeping pattern.

BabeSafe Bedding Instructions

Many items of western-style baby bedding are capable of gas generation from compounds of phosphorus, arsenic and/or antimony in the bedding. Therefore it is essential to use strictly specified bedding on top of a baby mattress covers, by BabeSafe,-wrapped mattress which is not capable of this gas generation.

  1. On top of the wrapped mattress place a pure cotton underblanket (defined below).The pure cotton underblanket placed immediately on top of a BabeSafe-wrapped mattress and beneath the lower cot/crib sheet can comprise of:
    • A pure cotton blanket
    • A pure cotton flat sheet (folded into layers, if desired, to achieve thickness)
    • Pure cotton nappies/diapers sewn together
    • A pure cotton bath towel

    However, whichever option is used for the underblanket, this item must be made only of 100% pure cotton.

    Note that the underblanket cannot be a so-called "cotton mattress pad." No item which is padded/quilted/filled complies with the bedding specificiations for use with the baby mattress covers, by BabeSafe,-wrapped mattress.

  2. On top of the pure cotton underblanket, place a pure cotton or polyester/cotton fitted lower sheet and a cover sheet. (The baby sleeps between these sheets.)
  3. On top of the cover sheet, place pure cotton or pure woolen overblanket/s.
  4. Do not use any of the following items on a BabeSafe-wrapped mattress:
    • Moisture-resistant crib mattress protector
    • Any form of mattress pad
    • Any blanket which contains polyester
    • Any blanket which contains acrylic
    • Sheepskin or sheepfleece underlay
    • Sleeping bag
    • Duvet or quilt
    • Pillows or cushions
  5. Do not use any bedding or "clothing" item which is in the form of a bag.
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