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Baby Snuggle Bugs™ was inspired by my own pregnancy and pending motherhood. I opened to appeal to the health conscious and discriminating parent. I believe in the BabeSafe mattress covers" and the other products that I sell, and will use them with my own children. Our mission is to make it easy and affordable for every family to live a healthy and more natural life.

BabeSafe™ Mattress Covers developed by Dr. Jim Sprott is a very simple and cost effective solution to prevent crib death (also know as SIDs). Simply wrap the mattress in Dr. Sprott's polyethylene mattress cover, which is specifically made to his specifications to protect your child from the toxic gases generated by fungus interaction with phosphorus, arsenic, or antimony compounds within your baby's mattress. Dr. Sprott's BabeSafe Mattress Covers were develop in 1994. The BabeSafe mattress covers and specific bedding instructions have been 100% successful. There are no reported SIDS deaths among the many thousands of babies who have slept on BabeSafe mattresses covers wrapped to Dr. Sprott's specifications. READ MORE

The products available on for your baby are made with all natural and organic materials, which are not chemically treated. You may ask, why organic is so important. "Commercial cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop on earth and 25% of the world's pesticides are used for cotton production, polyester is made from petrochemicals that shouldn"t be anywhere near your body." "Constant exposure to these chemicals, has been linked to cancers and the dramatic drop in male fertility that has happened during the last 60 years." by Mark Sweiger (Article: Commonly Available Cotton Sheets and Bedding May Be a Severe Health Risk)

We are parents, who are constantly looking for products that are the safest and healthiest for our children. After all, our children are our future. Infertility, Cancer, Asthma, Autism and other illnesses/disorders are on the rise. The use of chemicals and toxins are increasing, as the world demands more. We"ve done our research and now we share these organic and health conscious products with you; the discerning parents, so you too can safeguard your baby from the harmful effects of toxins and chemicals found in today’s commercial crib mattresses, bedding, and clothing.

Original products are warehoused/shipped direct from the manufacturers such as the BabeSafe mattress covers, which come from New Zealand. BabeSafe mattress covers are also available from our warehouse in Colorado for immediate shipment for an additional shipping charge. Please select "RUSH" from our BabeSafe mattress cover menu to have your order ship from Colorado via U.S. Priority mail. If our "RUSH" menu selection is not showing up, it inticates we are sold out, and are awaiting delivery of BabeSafe mattress covers.
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